What is Partner Safe?

Partner Safe is a tool that can be used to ensure the credibility of an individual before entering into any alliance or partnership. With the increasing cases of fraud and deceit occurring in a variety of alliances ranging from marriage, to serving a guest, it is wise to be assured of one’s intentions and credibility. BetterPlace does just the same for you by providing our clients with the most up-to date information about an individual available through our highly integrated and extensive database.

Tools offered:


Don't you want to know who you are renting your house to? Don't you want your address to be confirmed by your house owner?

The law says that we you also need to inform police about your new tenant.Are you doing that?

Use our Tenant Management Solution to SAFEPower yourself.


So many people visit our office complexes, Apartments, Homes.How can we ensure that we avoid fake IDs, undesired incidents.

Know your visitor with authentic and verified Data.


When we board a taxi, the driver takes the front seat of our safety as well. Knowing the driver history will only ensure peace of mind.

With our innovative solution you could get that instantly and moreover share your experience with million of other users.


1000s of guest stays every day in multiple hotels,PGs,Service apartments etc. It's a must to know their identity not only from a legal point of view but from a safety point view as well. Our seamlessly Integrated solution ( With AADHAR, BPCL Database) ensures paper less, verified data of your guest and the beauty is that it is instantly available to legal authorities incase of need.