What is Hire Safe?

In order for any organization to thrive and reach its goals, it is essential to employ the right people, as it is the people who will make or break the structure of an organization. Deceit and misconduct by employees is a matter of utmost concern to organizations that wish to have an untarnished image in our society and hence, in order to ensure the same, organizations are taking immense precautionary measures. Thus employee verification plays a crucial role in attesting the background of the candidates and enable organizations take the correct decision.

Our analytics based on multiple databases enable us to:

  • Conduct a complete antecedent check in the most innovative and efficient way
  • Profile an individual based on multiple data sources
  • Integrate with various other sources for immediate and real-time reporting
  • Get real time access to all data linked to an individual on

Verifications Offered:

Address Verification

BetterPlace takes care of physically verifying current/permanent addresses mentioned by candidates.

We ensure a valid address proof is submitted by the candidate, in order to avoid any fraudulent activity.


At BetterPlace, we ensure that the candidate being verified has sound credibility amongst his kin and kind.

We generate a report based on our research and findings through our personal interactions with the reference individuals

Personal Data

BetterPlace offers a comprehensive authentication of all identity proofs submitted by candidates, such as Pan Card, Voter ID card, Passport and other documents, in order to eliminate the possibility of any false documents.

Employment History

The HR department has to be serious to protect a company from potential dangers and provide upright candidates, take direct accountability to put in place the policy and implement it in the best possible manner to ensure that background check is performed consistently and information gathered is used appropriately in hiring decisions.

At BetterPlace, we conduct a thorough employment history check for candidates by verifying details such as claimed employment period, position, reporting manager, compensation, any gaps between two employment periods and the eligibility to rehire.


BetterPlace extensively screens the authenticity and credibility of a candidate’s certificates and claimed academic standing with the relevant institutions.

Our comprehensive database of false and unaccredited institutions cross checks the same.

Criminal and Court Records

BetterPlace crosschecks profiles of candidates with police records, to rule out any possible criminal records. This includes identifying the police station that has jurisdiction over present or permanent residential address of the candidate and confirming through the police records on the status BetterPlace runs a check through all judgments and lawsuits in courts and tribunals across the country, to ensure that that candidate has no past criminal records.